Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi there, not much new going on over here in our neck of the woods but Mom and I thought we'd add some more pictures for everyone. Mom is now 16 weeks pregnant and getting big!! I love to rub her belly and say hi to the new baby whenever I can. We had Nan (who I now call Grandma) over for a sleepover the other night before taking her to the airport. I had a great visit with her and am looking forward to her spending a couple days with us when she gets home in a few months. I'm starting to get more involved and into telling Mom when I need to go sit on the potty and a couple of times I even went on the big girl potty. Mom is starting to put me in big girl panties to get me more motivated to potty train ... I guess we'll see if it works!! Well that's all for now .. talk to everybody soon!!!

Mom at 15 weeks

Trying to feel the baby in there ... couple more weeks and it'll be able to hear me talking to him/her

Smile ... the proud soon to be big sister!!

Colouring with Nan/Grandma in bed one morning

My new look ... I love to walk around in pj's, slippers (dress shoes) and sunglasses ... I am one hot chick!!!