Friday, October 19, 2007

Better late than never

Well I finally did it ..... I crawled for the first time!!!! Here is a video that Uncle Kev took with his phone, it's not that good of quality but it's all we have.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not much new

Well not much new to report these days. I still have only 2 teeth, I'm still not crawling yet but can get across the room very quickly by scooting and pushing myself feet first on my stomach (Grandpa Beldam now calls me Scooter) and rolling across the room. I'm very stable at standing on my own while holding onto something but I'm not quite ready to take that step yet and I can pull myself half way up off the ground onto the couch or table. I talk like crazy however when I want to, Mom says that sometimes when I get going she can't get me to stop for anything. I can say ... 'dada', 'mama', 'buh bye', 'nana', 'papa', and 'oh ohh', and lots of other things that my mom hasn't figured out what they actually are yet.

Big kisses for Dad

Who needs a highchair when you have a laundry basket ... it really does work just as good

Standing all by myself

Taking a nap in between playtime

Hanging out in Rocky's cage ... this must be what jail feels like