Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Randoms

Hi everyone!! Well there is not much new with me lately. I've sick most of April due to teething. This last week or two I've popped through 3 and am working on my fourth molar so things have been pretty painful and insane here. I'm anxiously waiting for the weather to get nice so I can play outside in the yard with my slide and sandbox!! We are putting up a fence around the whole yard right now so I can't excape and can roam free around the yard. I'm also a lot more vocal now ... I can say tons of different words and talk all the time. I can also have little conversations with Mom and Dad (even though half the time I don't think they can understand me) Here's some updated pictures of me .....

Smile you're on candid camera

My momma and I just chillin

I'm a crazy haired woman

Hey, look at my horse ....

Laying around in my Dora ball pit

Hhmmm .... I think this piece goes here

Peek-a-boo ... climbing under the slide

Vroom, vroom ... off to go and pick up another load of goodies

Taking time to pose for the camera inbetween slides down

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Visit with Grandma and Grandpa Beldam

On the weekend Grandma and Grandpa Beldam came out for a visit. We had a great time with them. They took me to Jungle Playland on Saturday morning to play around and burn off some energy. Can you believe I even got Grandpa to come down the slide with me?!!? Well I did and Grandma took me down too ... we had sooo much fun!!!

Maybe if I stick out my tongue I'll get more balance!?!?

Crawling around

Making a getaway in the big maze

Sinking in the ball pit

Going down the slide with Grandpa

And then going down with Grandma

Grandpa and I going for a cruise

Mom, Grandma and I

Yeah for spring time!!

Other than the snow we had on the weekend (which was very bizarre) spring time is almost here which means lots of playing outside. Now that I'm walking all over the place it's much easier for me to play outside and can't wait to be out in the yard all the time!!

A visit with Shauna and Steph

Dad and I outside

Checking out the old lawn mower .. looks kinda gross to me!!

Roaming around the back of the house

Learning to drive Dad's truck ... to bad the pedals weren't on the seat, I'd be outta here!!!