Sunday, June 24, 2007

Random pictures

Wow, I can't believe I've been at dad's house for 2 weeks now. I'm sure having fun out here and I love being able to see dad every day. I'm going to be sad to leave in a couple weeks but am super excited to see all my family and friends in Canada soon.

In my exer-saucer in the back yard one night

Playing on the swings in Lynden Park

Gotta love the blocks and giraffe

Doing some quick air drying after my shower .... gotta love my cute little baby bum!!!

Can I smile any harder??!!

Mom and I and my crazy hair ... it's just getting out of control

This last weekend was jammed packed with visitors. On Friday night Auntie Stacey came out and spent the night with us. Then on Saturday morning her and mom took me to IHOP for breakfast ... mmmm was it ever good!!! Later Saturday afternoon grandma and grandpa Beldam came out for a visit. I was very excited to see them, I have missed them like crazy while I've been gone. That night we all went to dinner with grandma and grandpa Tolsma at Black Angus. It was some good eats and I can't wait for us to all get together again soon.

My new room - stage 4

Well my room is as finished as it's going to get until mom and I move down to dad's house permanently. Here are the last pictures of my room to show you how mom set it all up for me. It's a little bare right now but that will soon change once all my stuff is here.

Sitting in my princess chair just hanging out in my very own room .... I love it!!!

Here is a picture of my first poster to go up on my walls from Auntie Sherry .... thank you :o)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Here are some pictures of dad and I on our first Father's Day together. We had a pretty lazy day for the most part .... did some playing around and had lunch and dinner with dad's family. I bought dad some new bbq utensils for Father's Day and he can't wait to try them out.

My new room - stage 3

As promised here are some pictures of the border in my room that mom just finished putting up. I think the colours match perfectly!!! As everything else gets put into place in my room I'll put up more pictures to show you all.

It had to be princess borders since mom says I'm her little princess!!!

Playing with my blocks at dad's house

Friday, June 15, 2007

My new room - stage 2

My new bedroom is well underway now. My mom has finished painting the walls and just needs to paint the trim, window trim, closet doors and the main bedroom door. Once that is all done she will put up my boarder and I can start moving all my stuff in. However, it will be quite bare until we move down to dad's house and I bring all my stuff from grandma and grandpa Beldam's house but it will look awesome when it's done. I'm so excited to see it completed!!

Here are some shots of the paint on the bottom half of the room

Hanging out on the spare room bed where I'm sleeping until my room is finished being painted

Pictures with both halves of the room painted. Talk about a girly girl room!!! Thanks mom I love it already!!!

Feeding myself

Well I've been at my dad's house for a week now and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm so excited to spend three more weeks here with him and mom. I've been doing a lot of supervisor work so far .... I made sure mom and grandma Tolsma didn't miss any spots while they were cleaning the house and I also made sure all the weeds were pulled by mom, dad and grandma and grandpa Tolsma. I will admit they all did a fine job and our house looks awesome!!!

I've recently decided that I like to feed myself now. It is a lot more fun and I like to give my mom a hand sometimes just to make sure she is doing it right.

Aawww ..... does anybody like seafood??

And just like that it's all gone .... did I do a good job??

Munching on my spoon while I'm feeding myself some dinner

I haven't started crawling yet but I sit on my own really well and can be left alone sitting around playing as long as there is nothing around that I can hit my head on in case I decide to topple over. I still haven't cut any teeth but my mom hopes they come soon so I'll stop teething for a bit and not have as many grumpy/cranky times during the day. I can feel it though, any day now I should have some .... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Hatzic Lake

Sunday mom and dad took me to Hatzic Lake where uncle Paul lives to have a bbq. We went and played at the park and the swings were my favourite part. I really liked it when dad would push me really high in the air. After dinner we went for a swim in the lake to cool off. This was the first time I've ever been swimming and I loved it!!!! Dad took me in the lake for about an hour and I swam and kicked around the whole time. All that swimming must have really tuckered me out because I fell asleep in mom's arms in about 10 minutes of getting out of the water. I can't wait to go swimming again!!!

Having a little snooze after all my hard swimming

Dad and I playing in the lake together

This grass feels so nice to sit on

Going down the slide

Weeee ...... higher, higher!!!! I love to play on the swings

A day at the river

We had a gorgeous weekend this weekend so on Saturday I went to play at the river for the afternoon. I had tons of fun and here are some pictures of me hanging out with mom and dad, auntie Sherry and auntie Kathy.