Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 09

Happy Easter everyone!!! We spent Easter in Chilliwack this year with Nana, Bapa, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Drew. I had a great visit with everyone. The easter bunny left me a nice easter basket filled with all sorts of goodies, it was great. Bapa, Mom and Dad took me to the hotel to see some baby chicks that had just hatched and we were hoping to see some hatch right in the incubator. I tried yelling at them saying "hurry up baby chicks!!" but they didn't seem to want to listen to me. I didn't get to see one hatch fully but did see a chick right after it was out of the egg plus lots of little fluffy ones that hatched earlier that morning. It was really neat, I loved it. It was all I could talk about for the rest of the day!!! We also went over to Auntie Heather's to visit with them and cousins .. Karen, Lisa, Liam, Cohen and Adria. Liam and I had an easter egg hunt and filled up our baskets full of candy and eggs then pigged out on all the candy afterwards ... it sure was delicious!!!
Well, I'm sure you have all heard already but just in case .... I am going to have a baby sister!!!! I'm so excited to be getting a little sister to play with in August and have really been brushing up on my "mommy skills" so I can help Mom look after her ... it's going to be great.

Playing with bubbles ...

And blow!!!

Running around like crazy ... I'm sure the candy had nothing to do with it .. haha

Checking out all the baby chicks at the hotel

Dad and I on Easter morning

Check out my awesome bunny ears!!!

Liam and I pigging out on our candy stashes!!!