Friday, November 14, 2008

Jaclyn turns 2!!!!

Wow, believe it or not I just turned 2!!!!!!! My Mom says it seems like yesterday that she had me!!! For my birthday Mom and Dad had 2 birthday parties for me. One for the Tolsma side and one for the Beldam side and friends. On the Tolsma side I had a great time playing with all my cousins. My favourite part was the Dora pinata we had. Dad hung her up in the garage and all us kids got turns hitting her. I'm sure it was a traumatizing experience for all of us hitting Dora until we saw all the candy come pouring out. On the Beldam side I had a great time playing with Dylan and Ryder and showing off for all the adults that came out to visit. I had a great time at both of my parties and can't wait to do it all again next year!!!!! Thank you everyone who came out to share my birthday with me :o)

My Dora cake

Going for a ride on the Dora quad Mom and Dad got me

Taking a swing at Dora .. and yes, I'm wearing a robe while I'm doing it .. haha

Opening presents ... hhmm I wonder what this one could be?!!?

Eating pizza with Dylan and Ryder

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mom and I on my birthday

Daddy's little Ford girl!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carving Pumpkins and Halloween

I had a very Halloweeny week with carving pumpkins, doing halloween crafts and of course dressing up and going trick or treating. Mom helped us all carve pumkins at the beginning of the week. I loved getting in there and digging out all the guts and mushing them around. My job was the guts and Mom did the carving. My pumpkin turned out great!!! For Halloween I was a cow. I was not to happy about putting on my costume ... despite usually loving to dress up ... but finally I gave in and just did it. Mom and Dad took me to a big carnival at our church where I got to play games and get candy. Then we went to this other church where they had probably 30 cars in the parking lot that were all decorated with a different theme and their trunks were filled with candy. We had to walk around to all the cars saying 'trick or treat' and they would give me candy. Man did I get a haul, I think Mom and Dad will have to help me eat it all. Finally we went to Nana and Bapa Tolsma's house and they gave me another big bag of candy .. it was a great night :o)

Carving pumpkins with the kids

Karsyn and I working together on one

Gotta get right in there and get all the guts

My pumpkin that I'm so proud of

The only way I would let Mom take a picture of me dressed up was if I was on the potty so here you go it's all you get :o)

The candy haul!!!!