Friday, August 22, 2008

My new puppy Harley

The other night Dad bought me a new puppy!!! He is a beagle and we named him Harley. He is 7 weeks old today and is soo tiny and cute. I love my new puppy!!! Mom and I take him for walks and outside in the yard to run around alot during the day. It's my job to hold his leash when we go for walks and I only let go some of the times. We bought him lots of dog toys and right now I'm trying to teach him to fetch his ball ... he doesn't quite get it yet but we're getting there ..... Here are some pictures of him:

Petting Harley on his first night home

Playing with Harley outside

"Run Harley Run .... "

Houseboating 2008

We just got back from our annual Beldam Houseboating vacation on the Shushwap. Dad had to stay home and work which made me sad but I was glad that atleast Mom and I were able to go with everyone. The first couple of days we had pretty crummy weather but after that it was super hot for the rest of the week. I spent alot of time swimming in the lake and playing with my sand toys on the beach. I also got really brave in the hottub thanks to Auntie Jen. She taught me how to jump in and go completely under the water. I loved dunking my head and love to swim. Mom says I'm like a little fish in the water. It sure was great to see all my Beldam family as I don't get to see most of them very much other than houseboating. I sure hope we are able to go again next year!!!!

Nana and I

Playing Darci's Nintendo DS .. the puppy game was my favourite

Splashing in the hottub with Erik and Auntie Deb

Going for a ride in my car with Darci

All suited up and ready to go swimming

Skipping rocks on the beach

Having a little bonding time with Bapa

Our trip to Montreal

At the beginning of August, as most of you know, we went to Montreal to complete our immigrations process to the States. We had our interview and got approved to move down with Dad so we are all very happy about being legal etc. It was my very first airplane ride going to Montreal and I did very good while on the plane (way better than Mom and Dad thought I would) I really enjoyed looking out the windows during take-off and the landing and can't wait to go on another plane ride again. While we were Montreal we met a very nice couple who were also moving to the States and we spent the day with them and their daughter sightseeing around Old Town Montreal. It was a really neat place to visit and I'm so glad Mom and Dad took me around to see all the different buildings etc. We also went on a horse and buggy tour around Old Town and learnt lots of neat things about the city's history.

In front of City Hall

Petting our horse Jack that took us on our tour
A nice family picture of us while on the tour

Group shot with the couple we met

My morning face

All tuckered out after shopping while waiting to go to the airport