Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Times

Hi everyone ... here are some recent pictures for you guys to check out. Nothing new to report over here since my last post. I'm saying 3 or 4 word sentences now which people can actually understand and make sense which is really neat any my vocabulary has increased tons!! Mom is starting to introduce me to a potty seat also so I'll be sure to let everyone know how that goes ....

Come on Mom, let's go play in the yard

My new bike, I can't quite reach the pedals yet though

Going for a stroll through in the grass

Check out that arm

Me and Ryder going for a ride

Me, Auntie Diane and Uncle Drew

Let's see .... I think it goes on something like this ....

Having a chat with Grandpa

Mmmm .... I love steak .... helping finish off the rest of dinner

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hi everyone!!! Well, not much new to report these days. I've pretty much just been busy being a crazy 19 month old, terrorizing Mom and Dad and running around, taking over the house. The newest thing with me these days is that I'm now talking like crazy!! I can pretty much ask for anything I want around the house and people understand me. I also have full blown conversations with Mom and Dad all the time. Sometimes they can only pick out a couple words but I know exactly what I am saying and if I'm asked to repeat myself I'll tell you the exact same thing that I just said. Quite a good trick I thought :o) Other than that Mom and I are just waiting patiently for our paperwork to be completed and crossing our fingers that we'll hear something any day now ......
Here are some pictures of some recent visits with family and friends I had the last bit of May .....

Reading books with Auntie Cindy ... it must have been a funny part!!!

My crazy 'I just got out of the bath look' This was the first time I've seen Auntie Cheryl since November ... it sure was great to see her again :o)

Chillin with Auntie Sherry

Big kisses for Grandma

My new car that Grandma and Mom built for me ... apparently they say it wasn't worth the hassle ... good thing I love it and play with it all the time!!!

Reading books with Grandma .... hard to tell who's actually reading to who?!!?