Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Another Christmas come and gone!!! I had a great Christmas this year. It started off with an early Christmas a few days before with everyone on the Tolsma side with lots of presents and all my family!! Then we headed to Chilliwack on Christmas Eve to spend a couple days with Nana and Bapa Beldam. Uncle Kevin, Uncle Drew and Auntie Diane all came over for presents in the morning and then stayed for a very yummy turkey dinner that night. I got spoiled by everyone and had a great time!! We stayed in town for a couple days and did as much visiting as we could before heading back home. It was a great Christmas!!!!

Playing in the snow

Opening presents at Nana and Bapa Tolsma's
Mmm .. chocolate on Christmas morning ... breakfast of champions!!

My new favourite spot to sit ... in the middle consule of the couch

Opening presents with Ryder

Christmas dinner

I'm not sure how I was able to eat with this hat in my eyes?!!?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recent Adventures

Last weekend was full of new things. On Saturday Mom and I put up our christmas tree. Yes, it wasn't even December 1st yet but we just couldn't wait. I helped Mom put on the decorations and make sure everything looked just right. Then on Sunday Mom and I went with Nana Beldam to the Envision christmas party. I had so much fun there. I did all sorts of crafts like make christmas tree decorations, christmas cards and decorating christmas cookies. There was also a clown there who sang for us and did a magic show. Lastly before we went home I got to sit with Santa Clause and tell him what I wanted for christmas. I was a little scared of him though and Mom had to sit up there with me. Finally, on Monday I had an appointment at Children's Hospital with my hernia. It was confirmed by the surgeon that I definitely need surgery. I still have to wait a bit though because there is a 6 month waiting list for that surgery. But atleast we know that it is going to get done for sure!!! On the way home we stopped at Jeff and Sarah's house and had a visit with Sarah and Isobel. I loved playing with Isobel, she is sooo cute. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and had a great visit with her and Sarah while we were there.

Decorating the tree

All finished

Doing crafts with Nana

Having a visit with Santa

Big kisses for Isobel


Friday, November 14, 2008

Jaclyn turns 2!!!!

Wow, believe it or not I just turned 2!!!!!!! My Mom says it seems like yesterday that she had me!!! For my birthday Mom and Dad had 2 birthday parties for me. One for the Tolsma side and one for the Beldam side and friends. On the Tolsma side I had a great time playing with all my cousins. My favourite part was the Dora pinata we had. Dad hung her up in the garage and all us kids got turns hitting her. I'm sure it was a traumatizing experience for all of us hitting Dora until we saw all the candy come pouring out. On the Beldam side I had a great time playing with Dylan and Ryder and showing off for all the adults that came out to visit. I had a great time at both of my parties and can't wait to do it all again next year!!!!! Thank you everyone who came out to share my birthday with me :o)

My Dora cake

Going for a ride on the Dora quad Mom and Dad got me

Taking a swing at Dora .. and yes, I'm wearing a robe while I'm doing it .. haha

Opening presents ... hhmm I wonder what this one could be?!!?

Eating pizza with Dylan and Ryder

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mom and I on my birthday

Daddy's little Ford girl!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carving Pumpkins and Halloween

I had a very Halloweeny week with carving pumpkins, doing halloween crafts and of course dressing up and going trick or treating. Mom helped us all carve pumkins at the beginning of the week. I loved getting in there and digging out all the guts and mushing them around. My job was the guts and Mom did the carving. My pumpkin turned out great!!! For Halloween I was a cow. I was not to happy about putting on my costume ... despite usually loving to dress up ... but finally I gave in and just did it. Mom and Dad took me to a big carnival at our church where I got to play games and get candy. Then we went to this other church where they had probably 30 cars in the parking lot that were all decorated with a different theme and their trunks were filled with candy. We had to walk around to all the cars saying 'trick or treat' and they would give me candy. Man did I get a haul, I think Mom and Dad will have to help me eat it all. Finally we went to Nana and Bapa Tolsma's house and they gave me another big bag of candy .. it was a great night :o)

Carving pumpkins with the kids

Karsyn and I working together on one

Gotta get right in there and get all the guts

My pumpkin that I'm so proud of

The only way I would let Mom take a picture of me dressed up was if I was on the potty so here you go it's all you get :o)

The candy haul!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stoney Ridge Pumpkin Patch

Today Mom and Dad took me to the Stoney Ridge Pumpkin Patch. We had tons of fun!!!! It is one of the largest, if not the largest, pumpkin patch in Whatcom County. We got to go on a hay bale tractor ride to get to the pumpkin fields which we walked around in for awhile and checked out all the pumpkins. Then after we went through a big corn maze. It sure was muddy in there and lots of fun to stomp around in!!! At this farm they also have train rides which I took a ride on and had a tour all around the farm. They also had a big petting zoo area where I saw a donkey, some goats and sheep, some horses, ducks, turkeys, peacocks and even a cow (Mom loved that part!!) I can't wait to go back here again next year!!!!

Going through the pumpkin fields with Dad

Mom do you like this one??

Trying to lift one up by myself

Mom and I by some scarecrows

Petting the horse with Dad

Sitting on a pumpkin by the hay bale maze

Hanging out by an old farm truck

Check out all these pumpkins!!!


Wow, I can't believe that it's the end of October and almost Halloween already .... soon it'll be Christmas before we know it!!! Not much new to report over here. I've been keeping Mom and Dad busy chasing after me and I occupy most of my days by playing with my cousins Karysn and Kayden when Mom is watching them. Other than that we've been doing some visiting in Canada with family and some visiting at home with Dad's family. We now have a finished garage which Mom loves cuz now she can park her car in there and I have somewhere to store all my outside toys. I haven't decided what I'm going to be for Halloween yet, but it's either going to be a cow or a princess ... guess I better hurry up and decide!!!

Playing with my bracelets and high heel shoes

All dressed up in a princess dress that Karsyn let me borrow

Going for a ride at the mall

Or maybe I'll go as a witch for Halloween?!?!

Playing around in Dad's leaf piles

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dora, Dora, Dora

The Dora obsession continues and everywhere we look around the house there is something Dora lying around!!!! I got an new Dora toddler bed and I am now officially out of my crib. I love sleeping in my Dora big girl bed, I stay in it all night long and only get out during naps to grab some books but I climb back into bed with them and eventually fall asleep while reading to myself. My mom says I am officially a big girl now that I'm out of my crib and I can't wait to get it out of my room for good ... next is the whole potty training thing Mom keeps talking to me about I guess!!!

Mom has now started daycare and I love having Karsyn and Kayden over to play 3 days a week with me. We run around the house, colour and play with Harley outside all day long. It is tons of fun!!!!

Concentrating so hard while drawing/colouring


My very own Dora table and chairs

My new Dora bed

Getting up from a nap

Deep in conversation with Dora, telling her how it's gonna be ....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer is coming to an end

Well summer is quickly coming to an end already. For the Labor Day long weekend we went up to Birch Bay with Grandma and Grandpa Tolsma. They were staying at a resort there and we went up on Saturday night and stayed the night there and then spent all Sunday afternoon there with them and my uncles, aunts and cousins. We all did lots of swimming and hot tubing. By the end of it all I was jumping into the deep end of the pool almost by myself. I sure did have a great weekend with everyone!!!!
Mom starts her daycare this week (looking after 2 of my second cousins who are 4 and 2) I can hardly wait to have kids around the house to play with all the time!!

Here are some recent pictures of me playing around the house:

'If Harley can go in here, why can't I?!?!'

Playing around in the rain

Collecting water in my bucket from the drain pipe

Apparently Harley needed a shower!!!

Mom and I relaxing on the couch together