Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day at the beach

Yesterday Mom and Dad took me out to the beach at Birch Bay for a picnic and some fun in the sun. The tide was out really far so we spent a couple hours walking through all the sand and seaweed looking for treasures and digging for clams. Dad and I tried digging in a few spots but we never caught any live clams this time ... maybe next time we'll get lucky. I did collect lots of shells though and even got lucky and found a starfish!!! After my buckets were full of treasures we headed home where I helped Mom clean off my shells and my starfish. I really wanted to take my starfish in the house and play with it but Mom said we needed to leave them in the garage so I will get to look at him some more when I'm outside playing. I had a great day at the beach and can't wait to go back again soon!!!

Checking out the seaweed ... eeww gross!!

Look at all this sand ...

Digging for clams with Dad

Check out my big seashell!!

The prized starfish

All my beach treasures!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Randoms

Wow, end of May already and summer is just around the corner, I can hardly wait!!! May has been a pretty slow month around here for Mom and Dad and me. We've been keeping it low key not really doing awhole lot of anything. A few new things though this month were I got a new pet fish, a male betta, and a trampoline .. which I all a "jumpoline". I named my fish Nemo and love watching him swim arounnd his fish bowl. As for my jumpoline, I can't get enough of it. I love going out there and jumping around it's all I want to do these days which is fine by Mom (as long as the weather is nice that is). Other than that there isn't much new over here, just waiting for my baby sister to come out of my Mom's tummy in a few months!!! Hopefully I will have a more exciting post for everyone next time ....

Watching Nemo swimming around

Close up shot of Nemo for everyone to see him

Helping Dad make french toast

Helping Mom make some banana muffins

Putting on a show for Mom .. rocking out in the kitchen

Stuck inside my jumpoline cage

Jump, jump, jump!!!