Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only 1 baby!!

Mom had her ultrasound last week and there is only 1 baby in there for me to play with soon. I got to see the pictures of my new baby brother or sister and I can't wait for August. Mom should be finding out the first week of April what she is having ... I can hardly wait to see if it's a boy or a girl!!!
I have been working alot harder at potty training for Mom. On average at home I am telling her and going about 4 times a day on the potty. I did have 2 days where we weren't home all day and I went everytime on the potty while we were out ... I like to go more when I'm not at home cuz it doesn't take away from my playtime then. Mom is working with me so I tell her more often at home too ... definitely a huge improvement and big step forward so far though!!!

Having a big sister talk to the baby

Giving my new brother or sister a big kiss goodnight

Passed right out

Playing with Dora in the tub