Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jaclyn takes on the Shuswap

Look out Shuswap Lake here I come!!! What a great week I had houseboating with the Beldam family last week. It was so nice to see a bunch of my family that I have never met before. We had nice hot weather the whole week and I spent as much time as I could playing in the water and on the beach with everyone. I also got to see a bear for the first time while we were there. He came onto our beach every lunch time and early in the morning the last couple days we were there. One morning Dad and I were out on the picnic table and I saw the bear first before Dad and warned him that it was coming. Good thing I was keeping an eye out. All in all it was a great week and I really hope we all get to go again next year!!!

Me and Uncle Kev taking a snooze on the car ride home

Sound asleep in Mom's arms at the docks at the end or our trip

Helping drive the boat with cousin Leah

Look at that beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind

Grandma and I hanging out on the speed boat

Cousin Darci and I playing on the beach

I'm way to cool for school don't you think??!!

The happy family

Going for a swim with Uncle Kev and cousin Leah

Mom and I hanging out in the water

Monday, August 6, 2007

My week at dad's house

This last week mom and I went for a visit at dad's house. It was great to see all my family out there and have a visit with everyone. While I was out there I got a little bored and decided I would spice things up by popping out some teeth finally ..... so far I have my two front bottom teeth and I'm sure more are on their way very quickly!!! Once they are through more than just the tips I'll be sure to smile big for mom so she can take some pictures of my pearly whites.

Can you believe I'm 9 months old today!!! Wow, I'm starting to feel like an old lady already ... 3 more months to go and I'm gonna hit the big 1 year old mark ... I can hardly wait!!!

Dad and I deep in conversation during our bonding time

Who says mohawks aren't still in??

Don't mess with the Jac ... I mean business!!!

Hot, hot, hot ...

What is the best thing about all this hot weather??
All this yummy ice cream .........

and swimming in my pool in the back yard

With all this hot weather we have been having I love to eat ice cream and swim in my pool. Both are great things to do that keep me nice and cool!!