Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

Well I just had my first 4th of July since moving to the States. We had tons of fun. Grandma Beldam came down for a few days to spend the long weekend with us. During the day on the 4th we went to a park in Bellingham called Cornwall Park. I played on the slides and swings. Then we went for a big walk on some trails through the woods and to cool off I decided to run through the sprinklers in the little water park they have there. I was soaking wet ... good thing there was a blanket in the car to wrap up in after cuz I had no towel or dry clothes with me ... it was all worth it though!!! Then that night we went to Auntie Becca's house with Dad's family and had a big bbq. I even went tubing for the first time. I only lasted about 30 seconds before Dad and I flipped off the tube and after that I was done and much happier just sitting in the boat watching everyone else go. Later when it got dark we went to Ryan Stiles' house (actor from Whose Line is it Anyways and the Drew Carey Show) to watch fireworks. They were amazing and I clapped and cheered as loud as I could!!!! Mom said they put Canada's fireworks to shame .. hahaha
Finally, on a very happy note, Mom and I got our interview for immigrations!!! It is set for August 4th in Montreal. Less than a month and we will finally be legal ... I can hardly wait!!!!! Plus I get to visit Montreal which is an added bonus :o)

The big twisty slide

Checking out the stream below the bridge

Following Dad through the woods

Still walking around ... it sure was a long walk

Getting dipped in the stream/river

Running through the water park

Getting right in there ... I love to play in water .. it was the best part of the afternoon

Heading back to the car soaking wet from head to toe