Friday, March 5, 2010

Surgery is finally over and done with!!!!!

After waiting 14 months since we saw the surgeon, last week Jaclyn finally had her hernia surgery at Children's in Vancouver. Kevin and I took her down early in the morning and after all the prep work and talks she was in for surgery at 7:45am to finally fix her hernia that she was born with. The surgery took about 45 min and after two doses of morphine, 2 orange popsicles and alot of crying later (all from Jaclyn btw but I wasn't far myself watching her as she was in pain) we were finally able to move her from recovery and get out of there at about 11am. She was such a trooper and did an amazing job. I was so proud of her!!! She was pretty much a write-off for the rest of Thursday and all day Friday and finally by Saturday she was up and moving around on her own and starting to eat again and play. She is now back to her normal self and we are just waiting for her tummy to heal completely, which the surgeon said may take awhile, so she finally will have a "belly button like Mommy" as Jaclyn like to point out :)

On another note everything else here at home is great. Makayla is growing like a weed (6 1/2 months old already). She rolls over both ways and sit on her own completely now. She is very active and moves around lots. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she learns to crawl or atleast scoot herself across the room. She is also starting to talk and "blab" away to herself which is quite interesting to listen to. Jaclyn is starting to love her even more now that they can sort of play with each other and before we know it those two are going to be joined at the hip getting into all kinds of mischief!!!

Jaclyn's hernia the day before surgery

The night of her surgery with the big bandage on

A few days later when we were able to take off her bandage for the first time

Slowly starting to heal

Jaclyn laying around

Makayla hanging out playing toys

Sisterly love at its finest!!!