Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farmer's Day parade/carnival

This last weekend was the Farmer's Day parade/market/carnival in Lynden. In the morning Mom and I went to the parade with a bunch of my cousins and I saw lots of cool tractors, horses, marching bands and other parade things. Afterwards we went for a walk in downtown Lynden where they had a bunch of stands set up and some games to play. We had lunch down there and just walked around and checked everything out. Then later on that afternoon/early evening Dad, Mom and I went to the carnival at the fairgrounds where I got to go on lots of rides and play carnival games. Finally, we went with Uncle Derek, Auntie Shelli and Austin to the demolition derby. It was really loud at times but I loved watching all the cars smash into each other. Austin and I cheered like crazy for the drivers. We even saw a car get on fire it was hit so many times and saw a truck do such a big burnout at the burnout show that is back tires burst into flames too ... it was really cool!!!

Going for a train ride downtown

Nat, Landon, Shannon and me at an attempt of a group shot

Milking a pretend cow ... Mom was so proud of me .. lol

Going on some rides with Austin

Helicopter ride

Playing some carnival games

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Jessica said...

Looks like you had a fun time at the carnival! Jaclyn is getting so big!